Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What are the system requirements?
A: iPhone and iPad - iOS 8.0 or greater
Q:When I delete photos, are they gone forever?
A:X-Dups works with the IOS Photo Library. When images are deleted by X-Dups, they go into the Recently Delete album in the Apple Photos app. You can permanently delete the photos from there. You can also recover photos that have been deleted. Be aware that in order to recover the space the delete photos take up, they must be deleted from the Recently Delete album in Photos.
Q:X-Dups says I am out of free memory to run a scan, why?
A:X-Dups uses more memory to spead up the scanning process. Just close a few apps and then you will be able to run a scan.
Q:Do I have to scan the device for photos each time I use X-Dups?
A:No, once you scan the device, you do not need to scan again unless you add more photos into the device that you want to look for duplicates.
Q:Why does X-Dup show two images as duplicate/similar when after careful examination they are not?
A:Digital images may look like duplicates, however due to compression or other technical issues, they may not be exactly the same. These types of images are similar. X-Dups not only finds duplicate images, but also similar ones, and you can select what percent difference you want to see.

If X-Dups indicates a 0% difference, the images are exactly the same, within a small tolerance.

Similar images are tricky, they may be the same image, with differences due to their compression or their image quality.

Images that are composed of text on a background are labeled as similar to other images with text on a background. Images that are predominately one color will also show strong similarity with other images composed completely of a similar color.

X-Dups has a “Not Duplicate” button to mark the pair as not a duplicate. This prevents that pair from being shown again. Even if you rescan, this pair will not be shown again.
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