Clean Up Your iWorld
X-Dups is a simple to use and yet powerful way to remove similar and duplicate images from your IOS device.
Simply let the app scan your device's images and then review the image pairs.
Select the percentage of similarity and view the image pairs.

Let X-Dups auto-select the image to remove or you can make this choice yourself. Touch the image to mark or unmark for deletion.

Do not worry about your albums changing because images have been deleted. X-Dups will automatically replace the deleted image with the image you kept, maintaining the integrity of the album.
With everyone on social media, it is easy to receive the same image from multiple people. Vacations, Events, we take many images that are similar. Now there is a simple solution to keep only the images you want.

“I was out of space on my iPhone. I had no idea how many photos I had accumulated from my friends that were the same. X-Dups quickly allowed me to find and remove all the duplicates. It even updated my albums filling in the deleted photos with the one that X-Dups kept. Quite Amazing!”
– Joe, recent X-Dups user
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